Tuesday June 15, 2010

Chase Partners:

Departure Location:
Lubbock, TX

Target Area:
Hobbs, NM

Final Location:
Altus, OK

468 miles

Today is the last official day of VORTEX 2 operations. The group decides to make the most of the day and target the upslope flow across eastern New Mexico. We line up all of our vehicles and take a group photo before heading out for our target area. Some cumulus clouds grow vigorously as we reach Hobbs, NM...however these storms become soft looking with weak updrafts rather quickly. We head northeast to Levelland, TX in the axis of better CAPE values...however the best we get are some weak echoes near the TX/NM border.  Daily operations and the project itself end around 6 pm CDT. Although the last day was a bust it was a tremendous experience to be part of such a large research project and meet the people at CSWR...the UAV group...Texas Tech...NSSL and many others. Since CSWR was continuing operations through the week I got a ride to Norman with the WDTB crew.

Some of the operators of the DOWs
Josh Wurman...Karen Kosiba and Lindsay Bennett
 The last VORTEX 2 briefing with Jim LaDue and Howie Bluestein
 The IMAX crew filming VORTEX 2
Tim Marshall and Carrie Cunningham on Probe 14
Herb Stein and Karen Kosiba on one of the DOWs
Don Burgess and Paul Markowski
 Ed Smith and I reenacting our probe deployment
All of the probes lined up
 Some cumulus try to grow near Hobbs, NM

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