Monday June 14, 2010

Chase Partners:

Departure Location:
Amarillo, TX

Target Area:
Lubbock, TX

Final Location:
Lubbock, TX

266 miles

Probe 12 was fixed and back in service as we have another chase opportunity in the Texas Panhandle. Storms initiate early with no cap as a severe thunderstorm watch is issued for the southern panhandle. We head south to Lubbock, TX initially then further south to Tahoke, TX as storms rapidly develop. Heading east of Tahoke storms develop a mesocyclone and wall cloud to our west.  We keep heading east to stay ahead of these storms when we witness several gustnadoes as the storms pick up a lot of dust from surrounding fields. We head east to Post, TX and abandon this storm as it is not looking so great on radar. As the storms form a line we run into very heavy rain and flooding as we head back to Tahoke. Due to the flash flooding concerns ops are cancelled early.

The storms initiate early
The storms quickly develop to our west
 A random lightning strike in the middle of the day
 The gustnado dissipates as the gust front overcomes it
Another gustnado on the same storm east of Tahoke
Another view of the gustnado
Dust makes driving difficult
 Flooding west of TX
Video still of a lightning strike
 Mammatus clouds outside the hotel

YouTube video of the Gustnadoes

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