Tuesday June 8, 2010

Chase Partners:

Departure Location:
Fort Morgan, CO

Target Area:
Limon, CO

Final Location:
Aurora, CO

170 miles

I was reunited with the Probe 12 team this morning.  However our celebration was short lived as the AC compressor would not work on our vehicle. Although chances look marginal we head to Limon, CO to wait for storms to initiate off the rockies. Since we had a short drive we brought the truck in for a look at the AC and to have the oil changed.  It turns out the AC repair will take too long to complete so we will have to live with 4-60 air conditioning the rest of the trip.  We sit in Limon, CO for several hours and leave when nothing has initiated in our area.  The next few days look very promising across our domain.

Justin and Herb talk over our AC problems
Justin Walker in the DOW6
 Sun Rays coming out of the clouds
Some low scud clouds

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