Monday June 7, 2010

Chase Partners:

Departure Location:
Ogallala, NE

Target Area:
Kimball, NE

Final Location:
Fort Morgan, CO

318 miles

We head west out of Ogallala for a target area in the western Nebraska Panhandle. The UAV team needed a meteorologist for the day so they borrowed me from the DOW crew. The entire armada hangs out in a park in Kimball, Nebraska waiting for significant storms to initiate. Although some smaller cells developed in eastern Wyoming we waited until better ones developed. A little after 6 pm the entire armada heads north towards Gering, Nebraska. The storms heading out of eastern Wyoming rapidly develop so the armada heads north of Scottsbluff where they intercept 2 HP supercells with tornadoes. The UAV crew hangs back near the intersection of 71 and 88 since these storms are out of the UAV fly zone. We patiently wait for an LP supercell that moves just north of Kimball before deploying one of the UAV planes northeast of Kimball around 8 pm. Although we did not intercept the larger HP supercells we had a successful launch and got some pictures of the LP supercell as it passed north of Kimball.

The UAV crew I will be riding with today
The scenery south of Gering
 An early storm dissipating
Cirrus blowoff from the storm to the north
 LP supercell north of Kimball
The supercell dissipating
 A successful flight north of Kimball
An ending shot before sunset

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