Saturday May 28, 2016

Chase Partners:
Randy Baker, Brian Fischer, Steven Peak

Departure Location:
Joplin, MO

Target Area:

Final Location:
Green Bay, WI

786 miles

Me and Brian in front of the Woodward Tornado

With a very successful week under our belts and the pattern evolving into a less favorable setup we decide to wrap up our storm chase.  We leave Joplin, MO to pick up my car in St. Louis where Brian and I continue on our way to Milwaukee to drop him off.  From there I make my way back to Green Bay after a line of storms has passed to my east.  It was a long day of driving but well worth it given the week we had. Here are some final stats from the trip:

Number of States Chased: 3

Number of Days Chasing: 6

Number of Tornadoes witnessed: 6

Number of Pictures taken: 1,489

Total Distance: 4,583 miles

The setup each day was in a pretty concentrated area, which is why the number of miles driven and total states chased was fairly low this trip.  Below are pictures of the chase team and our van, along with a previously unpublished picture of some mammatus from May 26th.

The storm chase crew in Joplin: Randy, Steven, Brian and me
The van after a day offroading on May 27th
The tape job that kept our windshield in tact
Mammatus clouds from May 26, previously unpublished

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