Wednesday May 23, 2007

After a good nights rest we leave Hays, Kansas and decide to head south on 183 towards Woodward, Oklahoma to gather data and further assess the situation. However due to getting pulled over and construction on Highway 183 we are delayed a good us no time to gather further data beyond what WxWorx was providing.  A nice supercell grows rapidly over the northeastern TX panhandle and moves northeast into OK.  We follow it northeast into Buffalo, OK but the storm fizzles out.  We then chase a second storm just north of Canadian in the Texas panhandle...then get overcome by the storms RFD.

We notice a nice large cell over Hutchinson County in the TX Panhandle so we head south and east to try and intercept it.  The best we could do was Highway 70 since there were no good roads to take us west to a hook in Hutchinson County so we settle for waiting in Roberts County.  We saw some lowering with this storm and a possible brief tornado at 852 pm CDT...however the storm did not hit us until around sunset so the lighting and visual on the storm was limited.  We also encountered massive chaser convergence on this cell as it crossed Highway 70.  With darkness quickly approaching we encounter more chasers in Pampa at the Taco Bell. Since all hotels were taken by chasers in Pampa we head further southwest to Amarillo where we ran into additional cells developing to the south of the main line.  When we get to our hotel we encounter the local cops as somone had gone on a robbery spree of the local hotels...we then settled in logging 510 miles.

The first storm in Oklahoma develops a lowering
The lowering becomes better organized
We follow the storm as it heads northeast
Some impressive scud clouds that were lifting upward with a second storm
The second storm becomes dominated by the RFD
Some mammatus clouds as we wait for the third storm in TX
The storm approaches our location from the west
A possible tornado at Highway 70 and N River Rd
Lightning helps illuminate the storm
A very nice picture of lightning to the right of the main storm
A panoramic of the second storm

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