Thursday May 24, 2007

Today did not look too impressive so we decide to head 329 miles northeast to Great Bend, Kansas to get in place for a possible chase on Friday or Saturday. Since today was a down day I got around to putting the tornado videos from the other day on the web. 

Friday May 25, 2007

Looking at the next few days the pattern does not look very conducive for widespread severe weather so we decide to call it a week and head back to KC to drop off Kirk, Mark and Dave...then continue on to St. Louis to spend the nite before the long trek back to Green Bay.  We got some shots of the massive flooding near Salina, Kansas...even though the flooding had some time to subside. Drove 482 miles to St. Louis...with a total of 4863 miles logged by me this week taking the round trip to and from Green Bay into consideration.  Below are the pictures of the flooding we witnessed in Kansas.

The heavy rains turned much of Kansas into a Lake
The flooding closed a rest area on Interstate 70
Flooding near a farmhouse
Water as far as the eye can see

YouTube video summary of the chase set to music

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