Saturday June 12, 2010

Chase Partners:

Departure Location:
Lamar, CO

Target Area:
Gruver, TX

Final Location:
Liberal, KS

297 miles

The panhandle was today's target area as a cold front had made its way south. The front was through Lamar, CO in the morning with brisk north winds and temperatures in the low 60s. Farther north Cheyenne, WY was all the way down in the 40s! Although today looked like a weak shear day with very little cap we decide to bank on the high instability and frontal boundary across the panhandle. We head south to Boise City, OK then east to Guymon, OK. Storms rapidly fire by the time we get to Guymon so we leave for Gruver, TX to intercept a rapidly developing storm northeast of Amarillo, TX. This storm produces a brief tornado and 6 inch hail near Sunray, TX which took out the windshield of a chaser on the storm. We head south out of Gruver on 136 and wait on 520 for the storm to approach our location. Although the storm develops some mesocyclones it becomes outflow dominant with the main threat being heavy rain as storms redevelop and train. We slowly head east on 520 to highway 15 where we wait in Perryton, TX for ops to end around 6 pm.

The view of the storm at 136 and 520
A disorganized lowering
 A view of the storm just before we head east
 The view of the storm south of 520
The storm tries to organize
 The storm becomes outflow dominant

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