Tuesday June 6, 2006

Although the target area today in eastern Colorado looked marginal...morning convection in eastern Iowa gave us the indication that we made the right decision in cheating west. After trying to catch up to building towers near the front range south of Denver we realized we missed out on a lot of tornadoes in southern Wisconsin. Despite the bust some good photos were still taken. Multiple dust devils were spotted near Bennett, Colorado which was ironic given the date of 06/06/06. We decided to call it a day in Fort Collins, Colorado where we will target southwest South Dakota to the east of the Black Hills tomorrow.

Cumulonimbus clouds south of Bennett
More development to our west
A very large anvil develops to our south
Another thunderstorm over the front range
Rain shaft to our southwest as we approach the storm
The front range to our west
Clouds developing west of Castle Rock
A view of Castle Rock

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