Saturday June 5, 2010

Chase Partners:

Departure Location:
Wichita, KS

Target Area:
Des Moines, IA

Final Location:
Omaha, NE

788 miles

Got transportation from the NWS ICT office to relieve Jim Caruso on VORTEX 2.  Met up with the armada in West Des Moines where we quickly got into chase mode intercepting a line that developed to the north and was heading south.  Tim Marshall got a multi-vortex tornado on one of the initial cells as it blew up to our west.  We continued to follow this line as it headed south and sampled some of the storms before they became a line of thunderstorms.  We called off the operations around 7 pm.

The CSWR component of VORTEX 2
The sun backlighting approaching thunderstorms
 Scud clouds below the thunderstorms
Evan's software keeping track of the storms
 Herb Stein and the DOW 7 truck
Thunderstorms to our south as we pack it in

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