Summer 2017

Chase Partners:

Green Bay, WI
De Pere, WI
Appleton, WI

Sunrise at the office on October 22

I did not get the opportunity to formally chase this year, looking at the season that was probably a good thing as 2017 on the whole was not a great chase year for those who have to take leave months in advance.  Instead the storms mainly chased me as several storms hit the office while I was working.  I call this year the year of the shelfie given the multiple occurrances of shelf clouds across the region.  The following are pictures of the storms that impacted the region in 2017.

A shelf cloud approaching the office on June 3rd
A shelf cloud approaching baseball fields in De Pere on June 8th
A shelf cloud approaching the office on June 14th
A cumulus cloud lit by the sun on June 18th in Appleton
A severe thunderstorm gust at the office on July 15
A gust front and mammatus clouds north of the office on July 15th from the severe thunderstorm that produced the above wind gust

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