Wednesday May 29, 2013

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Fenton Township, MI

The worst damaged home on Jennings Rd with EF-2 Damage.

Several Tornadoes touched down during the evening hours of Tuesday May 28, 2013. A damaging tornado touched down near the intersection of Fairbanks and Thompson Rd east of Linden, MI in Fenton Township. These areas were closed off for several hours while crews cleaned up the damage. These photos were taken behind the road block during the afternoon and eventually behind the roadblock later during the evening when the road was opened back up. Below are pictures I took of the damage with a full recap of the event from the NWS DTX Office.

Tornado swath looking from Fairbanks Rd looking towards Thompson Rd east of Linden, MI.
Close up of the damage showing trees cut with nothing but a stump left.
Damage on Thompson Rd taken from afar.
Tree next to Fairbanks Rd snapped in half.
Numerous trees snapped in half.
Tree snapped down to the stump.
Part of the tree is peeled off from the main tree.
Close up of damaged house on Thompson Rd.
Damage on Fairbanks Rd some siding and tree damage.
Tree snapped in half near the home.
A tree snapped of its limbs on Thompson Rd.
A tree uprooted on Thompson Rd.
Significant damage to a home on Jennings Rd. Roof completely gone along with several walls.
Trees debarked.

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