June 13, 2002

Lots of convection popping up over northeast wisconsin with several funnel clouds reported throughout the area. Since we are close we go to the NWS office where I work in GRB. The radar is not too impressive but there are some cells to the south that look pretty good. We don't get two feet out the door and we see a developing wall cloud to the south. We go south to the airport to get a better unobstructed view and wait for the funnels to form and are rewarded for a fairly crappy year. Although not the thing we wanted to see...some great video and pics were taken on this day.

Here is a wall cloud south of the GRB airport
Here is the right edge of the wall cloud
The wall cloud becomes better developed
A funnel forming in the center of the wall cloud
A close-up of the funnel cloud
Watching the wall cloud for more action
It becomes very well developed
Notice the beaver's tail
Here is the funnel forming to the left
A closer look at the funnel
The funnel is just above the trees
Here are two cold air funnels
A close-up of the one to the right
A pic of the wall cloud as it dies
Notice several lowerings below the cloud
A bell shaped lowering south of Green Bay

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